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Softel vdm, Inc., the creator of MyTinyTV, has abandoned MyTinyTV - I have been able to take it over and can now make it available to everyone - at no charge - completely free.

You can't always bring a TV to your favorite spot, pool-side, on the porch or wherever else you want to relax and enjoy TV. Your Pocket PC or laptop can come along and provide live TV from your cable, antenna or satellite hookup. And yes, of course you can change the TV channel on your Pocket PC. Read More...

If your kids are hogging the "big" TV, use your Pocket PC or laptop! Or, kids, if your parents are hogging the TV, use their computer!

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Did You Know?

MyTinyTV 2.0 can be used with Pocket PCs, laptops and desktops. It's not so tiny any more!

A Pocket PC held at a comfortable viewing distance appears as large as a 27" TV across the room (12 foot distance).

While recharging your Pocket PC in its cradle, you can use it as a TV. Watch news, weather or your favorite shows!


MyTinyTV - Live TV
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Find out more about MyTinyTV and start enjoying Live TV on your Pocket PC, laptop and desktop - At home and on the road.

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Now Supports Digital Cable, Analog Cable, Satellite, Antenna
MyTinyTV 2.0 has now added support for digital cable and satellite settop boxes. Be the first to command hundreds of TV channels from your Pocket PC and laptop, while you're on the road!
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